Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

Pacific Islands
Pacific Islands

Tikehau is Robinson Crusoe with a luxurious twist. Whilst the overwater suites are amongst the finest in Polynesia, the resort has a delightfully laid-back feel. If the past year has been harried and you seek to luxe out without feeling the need to be overactive, Tikehau is the place.

Gathered within the azure embrace of a coral-crested lagoon, literally millions of fish play to the delight of a handful of lucky guests. Indeed, legendary French naturalist Jacques Cousteau’s research group declared that the lagoon at Tikehau has the highest concentration of fish in all the Tuamotu atolls.

Relaxed activities include petanqué, a picnic on the Isle of Birds or simply recline under a wide blue sky and read a book. Inevitably guests find themselves surrendering to traditional Polynesian treatments at the beachfront Manea Spa, one of the most romantic spa experiences imaginable. And if you’d like to visit a traditional Polynesian village, a wander through Tuherahera offers a genuine encounter.

At the end of the day, repose under a blanket of a million stars for a radiant evening of cocktails, dining and a stroll along the beach.


Tuamotu Archipelago
French Polynesia

  • Overwater suites are amongst the finest in Polynesia
  • Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is set on the islet of Tiano (part of the coral atoll of Tikehau), located in the Tuamotu Archipelago, a 55-minute flight from Papeete.
  • Air Tahiti flies to the small airport at Tuherahera, from where guests are transported by bus to Tuherahera village (5 minutes), and then by shuttle boat (15 minutes) to the resort, 3 kilometres away.


  • Massage
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Room Service (on request)
  • WIFI Access