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Register as a Select Member before your first booking and save 5%
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Select Elite Member Benefits

  • 5% off on your first booking in any select property
  • Access to exclusive member’s only promotions
  • Reward points for all bookings including your first booking.  01 Reward Point for each $1.00 spent on an accommodation
  • A $200 accommodation voucher when you reach 5000 points
  • A $400 accommodation voucher when you reach 7500 points
  • Upgrade to Select Platinum Memberships at 10,000 points

Select Platinum Member Benefits

  • A $500 accommodation voucher when you reach 10,000 points
  • Exclusive Platinum Member deal
  • One complementary room upgrade with every booking
  • A $750 voucher every time you reach 5000 point increments thereafter

Not in conjunction with any other offers.

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